AccuWeather 1.1.10

Check the weather on your BlackBerry

AccuWeather allows you to check the current weather anywhere in the world, from a huge database of towns and cities. View full description


  • Simple, attractive user interface
  • Reads from a large database of places
  • Maps feature


  • Forecasts aren't always correct

Very good

AccuWeather allows you to check the current weather anywhere in the world, from a huge database of towns and cities.

AccuWeather displays the current conditions and the temperature in centigrade or Fahrenheit, depending on your preference. It also displays a forecast of the maximum and minimum temperature for the day ahead.

If you want a forecast for the coming few days, you need to click on the Weather icon at the bottom of the screen and select Day-by-Day forecast, where you can few forecast information. AccuWeather also gives you information about wind speed and direction, humidity, UV index, etc. within the application.

AccuWeather for BlackBerry also has a Maps feature, which allows you to select any place in the World, via a map and tap on it to view the current conditions.

In general, AccuWeather is pretty easy to use icons and large and touch-friendly, and the attractive background image changes depending on the current weather.

Other features of AccuWeather include Lifestyle forecasts, weather news and videos, plus a Travel section, where you can find hotels and even view delayed flights.

Although its forecasts are not always correct, AccuWeather does provide a fast and reliable way to check the weather anywhere on Earth.


  • Added settings for customizing the home.
  • Restored the option to share information on Facebook.
  • Added pop-up that will remind you to keep saving settings.
  • Solved errors with different locations.
  • Fixed bug with the abbreviations for the states.
  • Fixed errors with LED options.


AccuWeather 1.1.10

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