AccuWeather 9.0

Your own personal weather station in your pocket


  • Simple, attractive user interface
  • Reads from a large database of places
  • 'Weather Finder' feature


  • Forecasts aren't always correct


AccuWeather allows you to check the current weather anywhere in the world, from a huge database of towns and cities.

AccuWeather displays the current conditions and the temperature in centigrade or Fahrenheit, depending on your preference. It also displays a forecast of the maximum and minimum temperature for the day ahead.

If you want a forecast for the coming few days, you need to click on the clock icon at the bottom of the screen. This will load your phone's browser and take you to the home page, where you can few forecast information. AccuWeather also gives you information about wind speed and direction, visibility, UV index, etc. within the application.

AccuWeatheralso has a satellite feature, which lets you view current cloud activity around the World. We were also impressed by the Weather Finder feature, which allows you to select any place in the World and tap on it to view the current conditions.

In general, AccuWeather is pretty easy to use icons and large and touch-friendly, and the attractive background image changes depending on the current weather.
Although it's forecasts are not always correct, AccuWeather does provide a fast and reliable way to check the weather anywhere on Earth.



AccuWeather 9.0

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